Great Lakes Funding Network FEATURED EVENT

January 28, 2019 - Networking Luncheon

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$47 for Non-Member

We have a very exciting year coming up for GLFN. So if you haven't renewed your membership for 2019 now is the time to do it!

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Great Lakes Funding Network’s Mission

Networking is a primary avenue for obtaining new business within the commercial financing community. Great Lakes Funding Network was formed to facilitate this vital networking activity. Whether you are a lender, financial consultant or other professional, the GLFN has much to offer to help you improve and enhance business opportunities. Get involved today and see how your business can thrive through productive networking activities with other key players in our marketplace.



    1. Build productive relationships that support small business

    2. Exchange ideas and generate leads

    3. Engage with a diverse group of professionals

    4. Dynamic speaker series throughout the year

    5. A welcoming, accessible group for all to joinGreat Lakes Funding Network | Join Now

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RG Barber    First Federal Lakewood